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Sweet Oat Body Balm

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What's so great about Olies Oils?

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Kelly on Oct 05, 2019

This oil has a light but pleasant smell that is not too overpowering. I used this as a hot oil scalp treatment for my natural 4c hair. I slightly warmed the oil and applied it to my scalp. I put on a shower cap and then wrapped it with my night scarf to keep the warmth in. When I woke up in the morning my hair was soft and moist. A week later my hair was still pleasantly soft and moist. There’s no need to use an excessive amount. I use once a week. I just wish the price was much lower.


Juju on Jan 25, 2021

At first I was very skeptical but then when I started to use it it helps my hair patch grow back and I was amazed

Growth of Olies Oils

"Olies Oils was just a thought about 3 years. So me watching it come alive is truly magical. Having something that every one can enjoy was my sole purpose."
- C.E.O Amber Henry

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