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Braiders Kit

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This Kit is a Braiders necessity kit, giving you all you need to create the perfectly neat style. All while keeping hair healthy, this kit is also good for protective styles such as Locs, twists, and all other natural styles. 

The kit contains:

  1. "Here I Grow" Growth Serum 2.0oz 
  2. Moisture Mist Hair Mist 8.0oz - 
  3. "Hol Up" Edge Control 4.0oz- this edge control can be used a braiding gel, *very little is needed. 

*All items are sold as a bundle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Love it!

The packaging was soo cute. I automatically fell inlove with the products before even using them! I absolutely love how they smell! I love that the products are organic bc my hair is my pride & joy lol. It made my locs soo good the moisture & oil are a perfect combo together. I absolutely love it! Thank you again for sending me these, i really appreciate it.

I love the way my edges feel sleek and moisturized

So this Braider's Kit includes 3 products, and I'd have to say my favorite product out of the 3 is the Edge control. First impression, It's so good. It worked on my damp hair and I recently tried it on my dry hair and it made my edges sleek, laid and shiny. I'm new to edge controls but this one is one that I grab for all of the time. Also...although it holds your hair, you are able to comb or brush your edges at the end of the day, which I love...without any buildup. By the end of the gives me the natural edges but kept and groomed look. I love it...There is no scent that I can notice and I really love this product. The second product in the kit is the oil. I don't use oils much; however, it's nice to add to my pre-poo for detangling. Lastly, the Moisture Mist is a really good detangler for me. I don't wear braids at all, but as a natural that wears my hair out in twists, twist outs and wash and gos, I find this product to work great for detangling my hair. I love that it has an aloe base to add additional moisture to my hair. Great kit!

Darshawn Rembert

After receiving the Braider Kit Bundle I’ve been nothing but speechless. I used the “Hol Up" Edge Control as a base for my knotless braids and was amazed. The consistency was just right. Not only this, but it did NOT flake which was AMAZING for braids. The “Here I Grow" Growth Serum and “Moisture Mist” Hair Mist included in this Bundle both have a light and extremely refreshing effect. I definitely would recommend this kit to those interested in protective styling!

Dashon Hart
Everything you need in one box!

I received the Braider’s Kit and I am extremely satisfied. Prior to receiving it, my scalp was incredibly itchy, as I’ve just began my loc journey. After using the hair growth oil, the itchiness subsided SIGNIFICANTLY! in addition to soothing my itchy scalp, it also is incredibly lightweight, which prevents buildup and makes it so you can use it everyday, it also keeps my hair and scalp moisturized. I love the edge control as well! I think it’s a great size and it works well, without turning white! I use it to keep my fly-aways and my baby hairs nice and tidy. All in all, I think this is a great kit for people who are trying to maintain their braids, locs, twists or natural hair!


When I received this box , the packaging was beautiful & well put together. The braid gel has an excellent consistency, not to hard , not to soft. The hair mist & growth serum are both very fresh & light weight .

P.s - the customer service was AMAZING!



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