Beauty Body Balm

Beauty Body Balm

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Beauty is Olies Oils most energizing balm. . The natural radiance of vitamin c from the main ingredient orange peel, leaves your skin soft supple and glowing. The sweet smell of citrus that leaves skin with a honey kissed glow. 

Directions: Apply to clean skin slightly damp to lock in moisture after the bath. Focusing on dry areas such as feet, heels and elbows. Can be applied dry also. Apply as needed rub in completely for a touchable softness. 

Spreading love from my 🏡 to yours. 
Locally hand packed in Albany NY. 
May have traces of nuts 🥜, please be cautious if you have nut allergies. 

Vegan, No 🚫 Animal testing 🐶🐱🐭🐮. No dyes added the product is slightly colored due the to the ingredients. 

**Please Store in cool dry place**

Use on children ages 1 and older. 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review

I met this sweet soul at the South End Market. I appreciated her gentleness & kindness for taking her time in order to engage me with her products. It felt so real & authentic. It was more of a conversation & not just her selling products! That alone I knew I couldn’t leave & not buy anything or support her! This body balm is AMAZING! I use it after a scrub I use daily & my skin lovesssss it (listen to your body)! I will be purchasing again!! I love coconut, so I’m hoping she creates something with this scent soon 🤞🏾! I think I’ve found my new body balm for life!! Thank you!!!! Continue being amazing!



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