Exfoliating The nitty gritty...

Exfoliating is amazing of your skin. it removes surface dirt and dead skin cells. This helps with hyperpigmentation, ingrown hairs etc. Exfoliation is used from head to toe. Exfoliation comes in a few different forms such as manual and chemical. Olies Oils Body Polishes are manual exfoliate is made from sugar. Sugar is a manual exfoliate, one of the lovely things about sugar exfoliates it helps your skin hold on moisture. It is also a gentle exfoliate that isn't as aggressive on the skin compared to other manual scrub bases for example salt-based scrubs. Salt scrubs are not bad, they tend are a little more aggressive on the skin. Olies Oils Body polishes are gentle to enough to use daily, but exfoliation is recommended to be done 2 to 3 times a week, especially if you have sensitive skin. Make sure you moisturize after exfoliating this is an optimal time to help ensure your skin softer longer. Thank you for reading.

-Amber S. Henry 

CEO of Olies Oils 

Licensed Esthetician  

CIDESCO Diploma Holder 

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