Hempforia Body Balm

Hempforia Body Balm

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Hempforia is more than a body balm. Its great for all day every day use. Great smelling light and versatile. If your looking for something scented only with essential oils and packed with nature Hempforia is just for you. 
An enchanting smell of earthy but sweet undertones and the benefits of  Organic Sativa Oil. Its also the first one ingredient to show there is not lack on quality. Vitamin E oil is the only preservative. Infused with vitamins but most importantly love ❤️. 

8oz of goodness

Spreading love from my 🏡  to yours. 
Locally hand packed in Albany NY. 
May have traces of nuts 🥜, please be cautious if you have nut allergies. 

Vegan, No 🚫 Animal testing 🐶🐱🐭🐮. No dyes used color is the natural color of the product. 

Use on children ages 1 and older. Not recommended for facial use due to fragranced essentials oils. 

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